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Send the recipient a text message with the estimated delivery time and the courier's phone no.

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To order a delivery boy just follow these simple steps:

  1. Provide us with necessary details: addresses, phone numbers at each address, desired time of delivery, weight of the delivery
  2. If you like our quote, then click 'Submit order' button
  3. Receive a call from the delivery boy assigned for your order. Negotiate, at which point he will be paid. Give him more details about your parcel and desired process.
  4. Send us a message or call our Operator in case of any doubt. You will get the Operator's number by clicking 'Order' button, save it with your order's number
  5. Get your delivery performed. Give the Courier signature right on his smartphone's screen to verify, that all have been done properly.

-You may rate a courier after the delivery is done to help us assign just best couriers.

Best regards, Servico team